What’s the Problem with Superstitious Behavior?

If you observe the tenets of a religion such as Judaism or its unintentional offshoot Christianity, then you’re familiar with the differences between superstition and monotheism. GOD the Creator and Master of the universe is one thing, superstition quite another. When people confuse the two, trouble usually follows. Looking at a partial list of religions […]


Insomnia: What is it and How Can I Get More Sleep?

We all know what it is like to try to get through a day without a good night’s sleep; brain fog, lack of energy both mentally and physically, and mood swings are common when quality sleep is missing the night before. Some people experience this night after night, causing them to experience significant difficulties in […]

survivor's guilt

Do You Have Survivor’s Guilt?

Mental health professionals frequently discuss the aftermath of terrible tragedies to help understand the impact that these events have on those who survive them. Many describe those who endure terrible, tragic things as experiencing what is often called “survivor’s guilt”, or feelings of guilt that impact the way they feel about their actions during the […]


How to Deal with Your Crazy, Stressed Out Life

Imagine you’re on a nice vacation at the beach and you swim out a bit to enjoy some casual snorkeling. You’re enjoying the scenery when you look out ahead of you and see a shark lurking about 50 yards ahead of you. Regardless of who you are, you’re going to have an immediate stress response […]


Let’s Understand Kleptomania

Maybe you have heard of mania or being manic before. If you have not, mania are periods of high excitement and even euphoria often accompanied by delusions and over activity. Mania can look like someone who feels the obsessive need to reorganize their whole house at 2:00am or someone who suddenly quits their job to […]

intermittent personality disorder

Defining Intermittent Explosive Disorder and its Symptoms

Have you ever had a sudden episode of uncontrollable rage? Is it usually followed by instant regret, remorse or embarrassment? If you have experienced these sudden episodes, you may have intermittent explosive disorder, IED. Intermittent explosive disorder is a rare disorder, less than 5% of the US population has been diagnosed with it. However, it’s […]


What to Look at When Faced With Disappointment

Failing to find someone to be your life’s partner is as awful as its reputation: Damned discouraging. So is not getting the career you prepared for. College application rejections hurt like hell. So does not being invited to social events you had hoped to attend. Life is one long beauty contest, and not being crowned […]

anger management

How to Deal with Your Uncomfortable Anger Issues

Child abuse with no escape. Violent crimes. Inability to earn the job or grades that you want. Poverty despite tenacious efforts to overcome it. Betrayal at school, home, work, camp, or elsewhere. Misery over your appearance, voice or other personal reality. There are many reasons for feeling angry and they’re not all in our control. […]

getting out of depression

How to Deal with Depression: A Step by Step Guide

The world is filled with articles and tips about how to deal with depression, but there’s little information about how to end it. Let’s reach for that goal as we consider a step by step guide on how to deal with depression. Focus on Forgiveness Forgiveness is part of contentment. If you repeatedly find yourself […]