Joanne King

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About Me

Life ought to be defined by peace and happiness, but transitions and hardships may be keeping you from experiencing ease and contentment. If you often find yourself feeling anxious, overwhelmed, lonely, and/or depressed, know that Rumi was right when he said that “no feeling is final”—and that joy and relief can be attained through positive choices, counseling, and practice.

Joanne King—a counselor who specializes in anxiety, relationship issues, and stress—is equipped to guide you through the process. Her holistic approach to therapy is built around her belief that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves; to this end, she helps people discover their strengths and how they can be used to facilitate wellness.

Drawing upon her foundational and advanced training in mindfulness, as well as her work as a certified Hatha yoga teacher, Joanne also shows people how to ground themselves in the present—a place where they can cultivate calm, awareness, and resilience. Stress and crises are inevitable, after all, but suffering is optional. Whether you are looking for ways to manage a major life change—such as death, divorce, a career change, or a spiritual crisis—or are struggling with trauma, an eating disorder, self-esteem, or weight loss, know that Joanne sees each person in the larger context, where she resists labels and strives to understand their past and perspective. A long-time Maui resident who hails from the East Coast, she provides people with a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore their thoughts, experiences, and emotions, and points them in the direction of a more accepting, fulfilling existence. Her care is genuine and compassionate, while also being rooted in empirically-supported, results-driven therapies.

That life of peace and happiness is waiting for you. Take the first step towards it by emailing Joanne or by calling the office at (808) 206-9371.

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