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Pandemic getting you down/worried? Want someone to talk to?
This is a time to focus inward & get some support!

"Free" tele-therapy for covered insurance carriers during the pandemic!
These include BCBS, HMSA, Optum/UBH, & UHA. Insurance is waiving all copays.

Having issues that can be helped with plant medicine? My farm, Maui Majesty, grows & processes plants with medicinal compounds including non-psychoactive hemp/ CBD / CBG. Want a therapist to work with you on dosing & monitoring effects of taking plant compounds? Contact me to see how talk therapy in combination with taking our plant products could work for you. Discounts on products are available to active clients.

My professional background is as follows. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, which is a Jungian school of psychology where a depth psychological approach is taken exploring archetypes and the collective unconscious. I also have a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from New York University which is one of the most clinical schools in the nation. Further, I hold a Masters degree in Sociology with an emphasis on family systems from the University of North Texas. This degree program is based in Jerusalem, Israel, called Ma'alot, at Neve Yerushalayim. In Israel, it certifies people for counseling with a sensitivity to the Jewish community.

I currently run a private psychotherapy practice on site at my Maui Majesty Farm. I have extensive experience in helping people in real and deep ways. I have worked as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, clinical director, policy director, and in executive management within behavioral health. I have been recruited by government mental health departments to improve their processes for all state affiliated agencies. I am a professor of psychology, sociology, social work, healthcare administration for several universities and I chair doctoral candidate committee for people who are obtaining their own doctorate degrees in social work, counseling, & human service programs.

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