Kendra Wenzel
Kendra Wenzel
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Kendra Wenzel

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About Me

I am a licensed professional counselor and I love to come alongside individuals, families, and couples as they navigate difficult life seasons and circumstances. I specialize in helping children and adolescents thrive, helping individuals who are seeking personal growth, and encouraging individuals and couples toward greater relational health.

Helping Children and Adolescents Thrive
I have several years of experience working as a teacher, coach, and counselor for kids. There is nothing I love more than watching young people try their very best at hard things, and it's my goal to help them discover their own potential to do so. I use a variety of techniques in working with kids and teens, both directive and non-directive. I am well-acquainted with the unique challenges of working with kids and I strive to be a supportive adult to help kids and their families navigate family changes, depression, and anxiety.

Promoting Personal Growth
I believe that we make our best decisions when we feel confident and in tune with the strongest version of ourselves. Unfortunately, this inner strength becomes illusive amidst the challenges of anxiety, depression, and life transitions. I help my clients explore thoughts and emotions with renewed courage and grace.

Encouraging Relational Health
I believe that sustainable change occurs when we are able to give and receive support from those around us. I work with individuals who are struggling to maintain meaningful relationships. I come alongside my clients and assist them in identifying unhealthy relationship patterns, gaining the tools and skills necessary to build more fulfilling relationships.

My Location

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