Daniella Marchick
Daniella Marchick
LPC Intern
Daniella Marchick

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About Me

I am a Professional Counselor Specializing in Aging Adults and Caregiver Counseling. I can help you build healthy habits with yourself and others, and guide your journey to finding your own life's meaning. Making sustainable positive changes and getting to deeply know oneself can provide powerful impacts throughout one’s life. By using an integrated psychotherapy approach and applying appropriate theories, methods, and techniques, this can assist you with leading your life in awareness, accepting of self and others, and creating more fulfilling relationships.

I believe there are many parts that make us whole. In session we will examine the different aspects of being human through self-observation, exploring one’s past & present patterns, and self-compassion. In life there are many opportunities for growth and change, with the reality that some parts of our history or personality cannot be changed; however, their impact on your daily life can be managed to improve your quality of life.

Becoming aware and present in the moment can enable you to choose relationships and behaviors that meet your needs.

I provide a kind, calm, safe, and understanding environment. Investing in yourself through therapy is a gift that can keep on giving. Together, we can discover your true being and how you want to live your life.

My Location

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