Hudson Wilkins
Hudson Wilkins
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Hudson Wilkins

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About Me

Do you need the pain of yesterday to stop interfering with your aliveness and pleasure today? Is there a part of you that's says, "it's too much to look at all the crap I've been though. Just make it go away"? It's so disheartening to try and find a therapist that you actually feel connected to. Feel safe with. Feel seen by. When all the hurts and broken relationships of the past crash against the hopes of your future a therapist that's confronted their own privileged place in this world and healed through their own traumas, addiction, and battles with mental illness can be a saving grace.
I help clients learn to; notice your thoughts, emotions, and feelings again so you can stop panic attacks before they happen - stop yelling at your kids before you start - begin saying yes to life before you automatically say no - notice how there is safety and pleasure in your body - and, break away from internal conflicts that leave you stuck
Are you feeling ready to begin a safe & supportive therapeutic journey? No matter where you are in your process I'm here to help. Please call today so we can take a few moments to introduce ourselves and schedule a risk free 50 minute in person consult. Always remember that healing is possible, and it is when we are in connection with others that we thrive.

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