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About Me

Anjela works with others to reignite their lost sense of connection, joy, and passion for life. She is committed to helping them make sense of their past, notice how this past is impacting them in the present, and use their strengths to make meaningful change and improve connection with others. She is dedicated to helping them get “unstuck,” to heal, and to move forward.

She believes that all people are capable of change, finding happiness, developing more desirable habits, and creating meaning under the right circumstances. These circumstances include having a nonjudgmental space to feel safe, heard, seen, felt, and understood. Anjela provides this space where you will be reminded that you are accepted, you are enough, and you are never too much.

She understands that there are many different pieces to the equation that lead you to where you are now. Traumatic events, chaotic relationships, family matters, social climate, and life transitions all contribute to our mental health. Additionally, our bodies and minds are highly interconnected - when we experience pain, injury, or illness, our minds are strongly impacted. Further, when our thoughts, emotions, and behavior are affected, our bodies pay the toll. Anjela pays attention to the whole person, seeking to identify how your web is weaved, so she can help you learn and implement the tools to untangle it.

While Anjela has always been enthusiastic about helping others, it was through her own transformational journey that she learned the importance of engaging vulnerably and wholeheartedly in life. She had to contend with difficulties stemming from past relationships, finding self-compassion for perfectionistic qualities that are common in young female professionals, and finding and loving her identity.

Anjela discovered very important keys through this process:

Our histories are extremely significant for understanding who we are today and what we are struggling with in the here and now; however, we have the choice on how we wish to take control over our existence. Often, this requires experiencing a great deal of vulnerability, as well as learning and implementing skills for moving through and healing. At times, we cannot go it alone.

Anjela is committed to embarking on your journey by your side, by providing safety, warmth, and empathy. She helps you to find skills that will work for you to enact healing, meaningful change, and spark passion in life.

The process of healing and transformation takes a different shape for each individual. Anjela helps her clients to find their way through this venture by:

Exploring and releasing pain from past events and relationships, and discovering how these hurts are affecting them in the present. Namely, examining what unpleasant emotions, negative thoughts, and undesirable behaviors have come from deeper roots.

Dismantling negative self-beliefs that clients developed at a young age. Through this Anjela works to increase her clients’ sense of self and identity, instill self-compassion, and rediscover their sense of worthiness.

Learning to implement mindfulness coping skills in their day-to-day life to manage past triggers and overwhelming emotions, as well as to work to improve their baseline mood and thought patterns. We also utilize these skills to curb undesirable behaviors, in favor of more positive ones.

Finding how circumstances and other people in their lives are impacting their well-being, and learning skills for identifying, establishing, and maintaining appropriate boundaries with loved ones, at work, in their everyday interactions, and within themselves.

Through these methods, Anjela helps clients to find deep healing, improved functioning, and long lasting change.

Anjela developed her expertise through obtaining a bachelors and a masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in mental health and addiction counseling from the University of Denver. She is a Licensed Addiction Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate. She has one year of experience working with the survivors of domestic violence, and over two and a half years working in the field of addiction. She continues her growth under the supervision of Kelly Smith, MS, LPC.

Anjela walks through the journey of healing, growth, and transformation alongside her clients.

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