Charlotte McKernan

Specialties: Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Perfectionism, Premarital Therapy, Couples Therapy
Credentials: MS, MFT-C, PACT II, Gottman 2
Languages: English
Experience: 3 years
Telephone: 970-368-3641
Address: 204 Walnut St. Suite J, Fort Collins, CO, 8052

 Life and relationships can be difficult to navigate, worsened by the pressures we and others put on ourselves to achieve and be perfect. Often, anxiety, depression, and external demands create roadbloacks to our happiness and success and even create problems in our relationships. I help people like you learn to conquer their inner bully and create healthy, clear boundaries so you can experience the most meaningful and engaging relationships possible. I will help you will gain insight into why you work the way you do and develop strategies to live a more purposeful, balanced life. In addition to individual growth therapy, I also provide couples counseling and can help you and your partner connect on a more emotional level and heal from past wounds. As part of my practice, I strive to create a safe and nurturing space to explore vulnerabilities and concerns while making progress toward goals and changes you wish to experience. I am honored to be part of my clients’ journeys and would love to be part of yours, as well.