David Klein

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About Me

My approach to therapy is to help you increase your overall functionality by providing a supportive, safe and confidential environment to discuss feelings and issues, to deal with what we find, and move toward something better for you. Having many years of experience helping clients learn new ways to manage depression, stress, anxiety, and emotional issues, I am confident that I can help you bring about real change in your life.

One goal is to help focus on the ability to move forward and replace self-limiting behaviors with a positive action plan, and to develop healthier coping skills when disappointments and road blocks appear. It's completely understandable that admitting you need support or guidance while you identify issues and make necessary changes in your life can be very scary. But by providing a supportive, safe, and confidential environment I can help you decide what changes you'd like to make, how best to go about making them, and to increase your motivation and confidence to move ahead.

Utilizing proven solution focused, cognitive, behavioral, and play therapy, there are reliable techniques to help you reach your maximum potential, cope with daily emotional pressures, elevate self-esteem and overcome self-defeating behavior. It's your life, and you deserve happiness.

Let my years of experience and knowledge work for you and contact me to set up an appointment. Change IS Coming.

We offer 2 office locations, as well as an online room for confidential at-home sessions. We are also offering Telehealth sessions. Please visit southfieldtherapy.com/contact where we can figure out what's best for you.

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