Dan Schmitt

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About Me

ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS! I work with individuals, couples, and families on a wide array of issues. Deciding to begin therapy can feel empowering and that you are starting the process of creating the difference you are seeking in your life. Some clients begin therapy with a clear idea of the changes they want to make while others know they want a difference in their life but are less clear on exactly what that needs to be. I work collaboratively with clients and prefer to take an active role in the therapy process engaging clients with a variety of modalities and tasks to find what motivates them and is the best fit.

My clinical focus includes working with couples on relationship issues ranging from communication to infidelity, working with clients who have been impacted by substance use and those working on recovery, clients going through life transitions including divorce, career changes, loss and grief, and personal identity.

I work from a strengths-based approach working collaboratively with clients to create the change they desire. I believe we all story our lives against the backdrop of our personal, familial, and societal narratives. Some of the stories we identify with have been beneficial yet others have hindered us from reaching the goals and contentment we seek.

My Location

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