Cybil Ryan

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About Me

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, I am now accepting new clients for telehealth sessions. So please reach out for a FREE phone consultation today!

Do you have a 'complex' relationship with your family of origin? And have you struggled to find a healthy and happy romantic relationship in adulthood? As both a Licensed Therapist and Dating Coach, I can help. Relying on research regarding the Attachment Theory, I am trained to help clients connect the dots between their family system and how they were parented and their relationship or marital choices. I do so by assessing for and identifying my client's attachment style and who they would best match with, before exploring dating, relationship, and marital 'red flags' and the equally important 'green flags' as well.

Having been in the Mental Health Field for 20+ years, I believe in pairing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Psychoeducation and Mindfulness concepts. What's more, I draw from my extensive training and experience as a Parent Educator in HI's Child Welfare System and Clinician and Dating Coach here in CT. Please review for more!

I recognize that starting therapy can be intimidating. But having worked with never-married, married, divorced and widowed clients now, I also recognize that EVERYONE brings their own unique issues to dating, relationships, marriage, and divorce. So reach out today to educate the self on the self-always key when learning self-love on the road to romantic love!

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