Caroline Artley
Caroline Artley
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Caroline Artley

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About Me

Does life seem overwhelming?

Are you tired of feeling like you're not "enough"?

Many people like yourself go through years of trial-and-error self-help fixes before seeking help. --Yet you’re here.-- Maybe the pain resurfaced. Maybe you want to get a handle on things before they spiral out of control. Maybe you've tried everything else to suppress the pain and now you're finally reaching out for help.

Whatever your reason, I offer over a decade of experience and a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you find peace. We'll start with a general assessment of where you've been and where you would like therapy to take you. Once we have an understanding of what you will need, we can plan ongoing psychotherapy accordingly.

Imagine what it might be like to get relief from years of emotional pain. Let's walk together through proven methods, giving you the tools to dig deep and discover your own path to peace. Isn't it time you took care of yourself for a change?

My Location

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