Briana Messerschmidt
Briana Messerschmidt
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Briana Messerschmidt

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About Me

Do you have “sticky” self-defeating thoughts that won’t leave you alone? Do you “know” you’re good enough but don’t “feel” it? Have you suffered the loss of a pet or loved one and struggling to find someone who “gets it”? I am here to help with these and more. We have all been faced with major changes and sacrifices in 2020. Some of these changes have left scares and holes in us. I truly believe we all have the power to grow and heal within us; sometimes we just need a little guidance and specialized tools to get started. I can help you gain strength, motivation, resiliency, and a deeper compassion for yourself and your journey.

I specialize in Compassion Fatigue, Trauma Recovery, Pet Loss & Bereavement, and Addiction Recovery. I work with my clients using an Adaptive Information Processing model and Narrative perspective incorporating the robust and effective therapies Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Expressive Therapy, Animal-Assisted, and guided meditation.

2020 revolutionized therapy and reminded us of the beauties and pains that remain in the world. As an accomplice, I strive to provide culturally informed therapy and improve my & my fields awareness through advocacy. It takes incredible courage to seek help, especially now. I hope to be the therapist you can trust and connect with while taking this journey. 

I am now offering a telehealth option.

My Location

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