Gabrielle Freire
Gabrielle Freire
Gabrielle Freire

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About Me

If you’re considering me as your therapist know that I’ve been working in the mental health since 2004 and was licensed as a therapist since 2007.  I’ve worked full-time in the field since that time providing individual, family and group therapy.

No topic is too big or small to bring into session, and I treat the following:
Anxiety symptoms (difficulty concentrating, rapid heart rate, somatic complaints such as head or stomach aches)

Depression symptoms (low self-esteem, sadness, cries easily, low energy) and

Trauma (due to abuse or neglect, bullying or accident).

ADD or ADHD and provided resources and interventions that support them as they learn how to manage their symptoms.
I was also trained in Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (or EMDR) and I use it to treat anxiety (social anxiety or a specific phobia), the negative thoughts after abuse  (physical, emotional or sexual) or childhood neglect, and I target the negative memories after a car accident or even a death of a loved one or pet.

 If you chose me as your therapist, know that our work will be collaborative as we identify and explore the circumstances or relationships in your life that you want to change.  If you are a parent seeking treatment for your adolescent or teen know that I will work with you and your teen to strengthen your communication. You may need emotional support and encouragement along your journey, that is totally understandable and consider it done.

My Location

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