Jana Corbett

Specialties: DBT, CBT
Credentials: PhD
Languages: English, German
Experience: 5 years
Telephone: 71-401-8293.
Address: 1110 SE Alder St., Portland, Oregon

Do you often feel misunderstood and hurt? Do you feel as though your emotions are controlling you and you don’t know what to do to change that? Does it leave you feeling anxious and depressed? I know what that feels like and I can help with that.
I believe that people are doing the best they can with the information and skills they currently have. I also believe that they can grow and create better lives for themselves with the appropriate support. My approach to helping clients develop the skills to effectively identify, regulate and communicate their emotions, needs and boundaries to others is validating and skills-based. Therapy with me is relational, non-judgmental, body positive, sex positive and LGBTQ+ and poly competent.
I’m a psychologist and certified alcohol and drug counselor licensed in the State of Oregon. I have a background in research (on behavior change) and loved working in academia for a long time, before transitioning to working in community mental health for a few years. I love being a therapist. I am also a mother and an immigrant with strong progressive values and I bring that to the table as well.