Sarah Sterling
Sarah Sterling
MA, LPC Intern
(971) 266-3214
Sarah Sterling

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About Me

I believe that human beings have an inherent tendency to seek balance, wholeness, love and health, and so I trust that you already hold the ultimate source of wisdom within you. I support change to happen authentically and organically from within. It is my job to help you access your innate wisdom and wholeness- to help you find home.

I use mindful and experiential approaches in therapy. This means that I value your experience in the present moment as a tremendous resource for learning, flexibility and change. By noticing what is happening in the here-and-now, you can choose and create the kinds of behaviors and relationships that fulfill your deepest needs and desires. Specifically, I work with the Hakomi method (for more information, please see formal education and training below).

I also use an archetypal approach that is grounded in nature wisdom. This means that I value the deep connection between your humanity, the collective humanity and the Earth. By noticing patterns and archetypal myths running through your life, you can take greater and more authentic authorship over your life and discover feelings of deep connectedness to the larger world.

Above all else, I value the therapeutic relationship as the basis for our work together. In order to create a safe container for transformation, I rely on the principles of non-violence, mindfulness, organicity, unity and mind-body holism. Together, we can form a relationship that is the foundation for you to heal, grow and evolve in the way that feels most right and true for you.

Formal Education & Training:
Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Saybrook University

Trained in Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, M.E.T.A Institute. For more information about Hakomi, please click here.

Registered LPC Intern, Supervised under Anne-Marie Benjamin, LPC License # C2000

My Location

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