Walter Matweychuk
Walter Matweychuk
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Walter Matweychuk

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About Me

Therapy is an investment. Your career, marriage, or relationship with children may be at stake. Know that all professionals do not have doctoral training and extensive clinical experience. I am well-trained in a straightforward, action-oriented CBT therapy by the two fathers of CBT. I'm a clinical psychologist with a doctoral degree. Go to & think before committing time & money. Watch my videos to make an informed decision. I want you to know my expertise & how I will work with you before you see me. I believe in transparency. I want you to learn skills that stick, so I’m the last psychologist you’ll need to consult.

I will teach you how to help yourself. You can learn how not to upset yourself when people frustrate you, life is unfair, or when you seriously error, & other adversities occur. I teach skills & introduce novel ways of thinking, so you can begin to take control of what is well within your control and stop wasting time & effort on what is beyond your power.

I get to the bottom of it quickly & give useful feedback from the outset. Dr. Albert Ellis created REBT. It is the original form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He revolutionized psychotherapy by making it highly practical. He also trained me. Note: I hold licenses in PA & NY. My office is in Philadelphia conduct secure video sessions for those in New York.

My Location

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