Dr. James Strohl
Dr. James Strohl
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Dr. James Strohl

Dr. James Strohl

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I am a doctoral level, licensed psychologist with 41 years of professional experience as a humanistic and transpersonal teacher, supervisor, counselor, and coach. I am a certified practitioner of NLP, a Level II Clinician of EMDR, a Certified Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist and Trainer, and a Certifying Coordinator for the Focusing Institute. I have worked in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, public schools, and retirement communities; and I served as an adjunct professor of Graduate Studies in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at Chestnut Hill College for 17 years. I have maintained a private practice in Bethlehem, PA since 1977.

Both my personal and professional lives are guided by the belief that there is a source of unlimited knowledge within each of us that provides us with the capacity to solve problems and achieve fulfillment, joy, and peace.

For most people this "inner knowing" is blocked by guilt, fears, doubts, and irrational beliefs. I value self-responsibility, self-acceptance, and forgiveness and as foundations for leading a happy life; and I believe that a safe, supportive environment promotes the development of these characteristics and permits greater access to our true Self where our inner knowing resides.

Believing in the healing power of truth, respect, and constructive intentions, I advocate that developing an attitude of love, forgiveness, openness, and acceptance toward ourselves and others maximizes our growth-seeking efforts and serves as a prerequisite for deepening our sense of meaning and happiness.

My professional work is grounded in a profound commitment to respecting individual differences, helping others access and honor their moment-to-moment experiencing, and empowering others to follow their deepest truth to the best of their ability.

  • License Number: PS004269L
  • License Type: Ph.D.
  • License State: Pennsylvania
  • Experience: 44 years
  • Languages: English

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