Ted Wynfield

Specialties: Relationship Therapy
Credentials: LPC, LPCC
Languages: English
Experience: 2 years
Telephone: 970-528-0433
Address: 2305 Canyon Blvd #101, Boulder, CO 80302

A few years ago, when I looked around at how couples/partners were being supported by folks in my area, I strongly felt that I could help people the most by starting a practice that’s focused on relationships. With focus, Wynfield Counseling has now developed it’s very own treatment protocols, proprietary tools, and methods to support your relationship so you don’t have to worry anymore. I’ve been working with couples exclusively for the majority of my career now and I find it really helps me focus in on relationships and what makes them work. I haven’t worked with a person yet that didn’t feel relieved they had trusted their judgement and come into Wynfield Counseling for help.