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Ryan Vigh


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"My approach emerged from my formal instruction in Cognitive Psychology and Educational Psychology, my experience working in the field for 16 years, as well as my desire to instill the positive changes in someone that my mentor was able to foster in me." This base philosophy combines therapeutic techniques, psychology, personal experience, and educational practices to aid clients in reaching their potential and becoming the person that they desire to be. The Integrative approach is also concerned with “why and how” clients make changes in order to bring forth a more powerful means to aid clientele in improving their lives.

“I do this for a living because I want to be the role model and advocate I, and so many others, needed in my life. When I was younger there were times when I was lost, trapped amidst depression, fear, and a lack of direction with substance use as a irresponsible and poor means to cope. In high school much of this was true. To compound the matter, a devastating injury disbanded my central healthy coping skill of participating in sports. I did not have direction, goals, passion, productive coping skills, or even the willingness to seek any of them out. Despite these difficulties a teacher at the school I attended believed in me. She focused on my strengths while others focused their vision upon my differences and my weaknesses. She was the first mentor/counselor I encountered on an interactive level in my life. Having a mentor in my life my life drove me to improve who and what I was, and I hope to be fill that void for those who are in need of it. I do what I do so that I can support and inspire others, and hope to make the difference that she made in my life in others lives. The inspiration to become someone better, someone who cares, someone who takes action to make a better life and a better world for myself and others.”

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