Christi Garner

Specialties: trauma, ptsd, EMDR
Credentials: LMFT
Languages: English
Experience: 10 years
Telephone: 970-410-3763

Hi and ALOHA! Glad you found me. I know our work together has the potential to change your life. I know because I have personally changed my own, and witnessed thousands of people change, heal, & remember their own wholeness.

If you are feeling overly sensitive, lost, not sure you are living the life you have always dreamed of, we can work together to get you on the path to feeling like yourself again.

The tools you need to reach happiness again are within you. Sometimes we just need an outside set of eyes to help us find the strengths hidden inside of us. Sometimes we need to process our hidden traumas and memories that are weighing on us. Therapy is a place to feel safe, understood and also held in the best light – which means we make time to feel the feels, but also to talk real straight talk about ways you are holding yourself hostage to bad behaviors & old beliefs.

What ever you are facing, I am positive that our work will bring you more in line with who you want to be, how you want to show up in the world.

I specialize in working with women who have a history of violence and abuse, sexual assault and FIRST RESPONDERS who take care of those in crisis. Those on the front lines in war or peacetime, service member and military spouses all over the world.

Stress can trickle into every facet of our lives. It affects our spouses/partners, kids, parenting, and our ability to be good partners, friends and lovers. Vicarious trauma and secondary trauma can have big impacts in your life, relationships and work.

Working to find ways to defeat stress and get back your happiness is a worthwhile cause- for yourself, your wellbeing and those around you. Together we can find tools that will help you make long lasting changes and achieve the peace, empowerment, energy and inspiration you have been missing.

I’m a trained therapist, specializing in somatic healing modalities- meaning I work with the bodies natural response to trauma and help change these reactions from the inside out. I have a trauma-informed practice and a mindfulness-based approach. I use EMDR for most of my trauma resolution work, which is a specific therapy to help process traumatic events or memories.

Schedule a free consultation call and lets get started today!

Our work will focus on recovery from trauma, stress, overwhelm and anxiety using the bodies natural tendency to heal itself. Somatic (body focused) therapy is about working with your natural responses. Mindfulness helps to get more present with what is happening in the body and mind. We use these together to find ways to help you find more joy, relax, regulate your emotional states and build a relationship with your intuition.

Trauma Focused Therapy helps you to break the patterns that keep you stuck. You will find the ways you are reacting to your past, dig out the triggers that keep you stuck in relationships, replaying your addictive behaviors. Working with a mind-body approach helps to clean out the system, reset and align with what kind of life you know you are destined to live. Find the joy. Find the peace and calm you desire. Find support and love you are looking for in your life.

​*I see clients from Hawaii, Colorado, Virginia and Worldwide*
I look forward to meeting you.
You can feel better.

Christi Louise Garner, LMFT
TF-CBT Certified
Certified Mindfulness Trainer