Rachael Carr

Rachael Carr


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About Me

At times in our lives, each of us need objective support. I have guided and witnessed others as a mental health professional for the past 12 years, and throughout my life as a family member, a friend, and a teacher. I believe that at our core, each of us has the resources we need, though they may be difficult to access. Listening to and appreciating each person in a respectful way is at the heart of how I approach life. I also find humor, practicality and creativity to be strengths I offer.

Though I specialize in working with long term mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, PTSD & Asperger’s, I also support those addressing short term stressors & other issues. Approaches include: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT); CBT; EMDR; Internal Family Systems; Mindfulness & Creative Arts.

I consider myself a lifelong learner, curious about the diversity of tools available to improve the quality of our lives. My own goals and interests include meditation, spending time in nature, and reading. I look forward to meeting you online soon. Please visit rachaelcarrcounseling.com for more information.

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