Powell Burke

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About Me

As human beings, we often find ourselves wanting more freedom, or perhaps wanting more purpose in our lives, or craving a sense of inner peace. Other times, we find ourselves caught up in difficult and challenging relationships in our personal lives or at work.

Whether your life feels overwhelming or underwhelming, I believe that care and courage, along with some healthy curiosity can go a long way in helping you locate new possibilities and finding solutions that work for you.

My process is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Indeed, the work we do together is unique to each and every individual I encounter and always begins with accepting you just as you are.

Beginning the self-exploration of therapy is an act of courage. I respect your bravery by always providing a calm, warm, and nonjudgmental space to discuss and process your concerns.

Together, we’ll collaborate in clarifying your goals, identifying effective strategies, and finding a path that will work for you.

My Location

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