Mitch Combs

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About Me

Change involves risk. It is much easier to stay in a comfort zone or in a familiar rut than to reach out and take bold new steps. But the results are far worth the temporary pain or discomfort that accompanies new growth. Making the choice to attend therapy is an excellent way to take the necessary risk in order to move toward a rich, full and meaningful life. As a professional counselor, my role is to help others invest in themselves and relationships by partnering with them in their journey of transformation.

My style is relaxed, open, reflective and interactive. I draw upon years of experience in joining with others to help them overcome challenges, discover their own answers and lead a more full life. I value a collaborative approach and work as a team to accomplish client goals.

I spent many years in pastoral ministry helping others apply their spirituality/faith to daily living, I worked with youth on probation to accomplish their personal and academic goals, and I worked several years with teens and substance abuse issues. I joined the Therapy Today team in January 2016!

My Location

static image of 4572  Hagadorn Road, Suite 1C, East Lansing, Michigan
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