Samantha Piro
Samantha Piro
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Samantha Piro

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About Me

As a small child I believed myself to be “too sensitive” or “too emotional”. Everything and anything could easily upset me, whether it was from listening to music, hearing people argue, or being playfully teased. I began to adapt the belief that my emotions were unhelpful and too scary to face so I attempted to “shut down” this emotional aspect of the Self and in doing so went down a road of hurt, pain, and loneliness. In my attempt to “turn off” the emotional Self, I discovered that all I was doing was abandoning myself, and soon I began a journey of self-healing, self-discovery, and self-cultivating.

I found healing in feeling - in accepting the feelings about who I am, the feelings about where I am, and the feelings I have about my feelings. The key to the freedom from the pain has been the acceptance of the Self rather than the denial of.

I believe we all deserve a space to feel safe, a space to exist, a space to be, a space to explore any and all aspects of ourselves. Sometimes the healing journey (a life-long journey) can be challenging to endure, and I do not believe we have to endure it alone. We all encounter suffering, pain, and loss. As a fellow traveler on this healing journey, I would be honored to be a person who holds this space for you as you unravel the many complexities of what it is like to be you.

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