Michelle (Shelly) Winemiller
Michelle (Shelly) Winemiller
Michelle (Shelly) Winemiller

Michelle (Shelly) Winemiller


In-Person Sessions

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About Me

​I am passionate about people and I would be honored to sit with you to help you integrate your story so it works for you, not against you. I believe each person has the answers to live in their greatest sense of Self — the highest possible beauty and worth that has always been inside of you from your first breath. I understand the fear of "facing in," and I also know the way out is through. I am a therapist who has her own story, just as we all do. I have been "in the chair" and have worked many hours on my own wounds to heal and thrive, not just survive. I believe an effective therapist can only go as far as she/he has worked, so I am a firm believer in continuing self growth, accountability and exploration.

Specialties & Services Provided:

I specialize in couples and family therapy, co-dependency, adolescent development issues, sex addiction recovery, recovery from sex abuse and trauma, and family adaptation to stress and illness.

Depending on your needs, services at the Oasis include 55 or 85 minute sessions for
individual 1:1 therapy
couples therapy
family therapy
We also offer intensive programs in which you receive treatment for 4 to 14 hours over the course of 1-2 days. This provides a unique and powerful opportunity to dive deeply and thoroughly into your history, life situation, feelings & beliefs -- and truly transform the perspectives, messages, patterns, and actions in your life.

​Approach to Therapy:

I believe each individual has a wellspring of answers and truth that lie within, and that emotional safety is critical and necessary in order to heal and restore past and current wounds. It is a privilege to sit with adults as well as children to help them find their own answers to their unique situations.​​

I have a deep passion to sit with people in their darkest times of struggle. As a therapist, I too have been in need of help along my journey. I believe the strong are the people who reach out, to make their lives richer, full of peace, joy and hope. In order to heal past and current wounds, I have learned that safety is crucial to heal. Since safety is a primal need, I strive to help each client feel safe in my office and to work together to find the best solutions to their unique situation.

My Location

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