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Wendy Gossett

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About Me

Wendy Gossett, M. Ed. is a Parenting and Relationship Specialist based in Denver, Colorado. She helps parents understand their children at a deeper level by using temperament psychology and neuroscience. She has been featured as an expert on podcasts all over the country, has been interviewed by local and national news stations including the Today Show and Inside Edition, and has written for publications such as Denver Parent, John Hopkins University, and Scary Mommy. For over twenty years she has worked as an educator, both for the school system and for Fortune 500 companies.

Her greatest accomplishment, however, is the deep relationship she has with her own daughter, Jordan, since the two of them are complete opposites and initially struggled to connect. Because the User Manual for parenting Jordan didn’t exist, she set out to create one. She decided to take her expertise using temperament with business teams and students to create resources for families. Her best-selling book, Your Child's Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens, is a comprehensive reference book to help parents have a “User Manual” for each one of their unique children. It represents years of research studying temperament patterns in adults and children at every stage of development.

She has developed an Inner Drive Assessment that will show parents their child’s four main psychological functions which will help them understand how to motivate and connect with their child. These brain functions are currently being studied by many experts such as Dr. Dario Nardi and Dr. Daniel Amen through qEEG brain images that reflect temperament preferences. Wendy’s work also shows parents their brain preferences, which reveal parenting styles and relational dynamics between themselves and each family member. She also uncovers areas of imbalance between siblings and blind spots that may be causing conflicts. Imbalances come from overusing, underusing or misusing our strengths. She helps parents gain a new perspective so they can tap into the strengths that create balance.

Wendy offers testing for families, then works with parents to turn the findings into tactical tips for instant results! Here are some quotes about Wendy’s work:
I have used a number of specialists in my 23 years of practice and there is no specialist I hold in higher esteem than Wendy Gossett. The feedback I receive from my patients is beyond impressive! At times it seems almost unbelievable. already. H

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