Michael Lamerato
Michael Lamerato
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Michael Lamerato

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About Me

I am a mental health professional serving the Metro-Detroit area for the last 8 years. My passion and niche is in helping both men and women who have experienced traumatic or stressful life events get back to a place in life where they feel like they are thriving and not merely surviving. I also specialize in men’s issues, more specifically, the concerns that men tend to experience differently, such as relationship problems, self-esteem, anger, and phase of life concerns such as divorce or other life transitions. I also enjoy working with teenage and college-aged males that might be struggling with direction in life and self-esteem.

Trauma and difficult life experiences for men and women: Let's work together to feel emotions, process what happened, and get all parts of yourself moving forward in peace . Men's issues: Helping you own the difficulties you may have with relationships, family, anger, and life in general as move you into a confident and clear life path.

Curious to see what a better life could look and feel like? Let's chat and see what we could be a good fit. Feel free to reach out for a free phone consult.

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