Melissa Smith

Specialties: PTSD, Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Trauma, Marriage Counseling,Anxiety, and Depression
Credentials: LMFT, Certified Online Therapist
Languages: English
Experience: 7 years years
Telephone: 502-257-5576

I believe you were meant to live your best, most amazing life NOW!

I know that we all develop habits and behaviors that serve a purpose in the moment but can become unhealthy for us.
I want to help you to change things about your life, your marriage or your family that no longer work for you so you can live your life in true happiness and joy.

I can show you how to deal with past hurts and move forward. I will assist you in setting your personal goals and then help you achieve those goals. I can give you the tools and skills to help you take your life back. Call me!

I use Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral(CBT) techniques that will help you to refocus your life and change habits and thoughts that keep you from your dreams. I also use Solution Focused Therapy and Intergenerational Family Therapy to achieve your desired goals.

We will develop a treatment plan together and accomplish it together! You can do this!

I enjoy working with people to accomplish their goals. I love to see people heal from past hurts and live a life they never dreamed they could live. My passion is to empower and motivate people to change what does not work for them in their lives.

I also have a heart for Police, Fire, and EMS. Thank you! I’ve Got Your 6 with a discount. Call me today!