Mark Williams
Mark Williams
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Mark Williams

Mark Williams

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Mark works hard to emphasize the unique gifts and strengths that each person brings to their own life and relationships.

When working with Anger Management or Depression he likes to focus on how unmet Needs (e.g. safety, equality, importance, respect) feed anger, anxiety and depression. Mark teaches self empathy to help someone calm themself down, instead of saying negative things to oneself, or trying to ignore the unmet Need.

For sexual dysfunctions Mark works on helping the person to relax and focus on the moment, building on past successes, and doing a stair step approach to having more successes, sometimes asking the person to add humor and lightheartedness to their intimate relationship.

Mark really enjoys couples' counseling. Couples report feeling much more relaxed, open and happy with their partner after a couples' session with Mark.

It is important to first take the client's point of view and let the client feel supported before asking the client to think of alternatives. Eventually the client learns to self-soothe by supporting themself with the same words the therapist used to use. The relationship of the therapist and client is what heals, not necessarily information. Support, warmth, believing in the client, those are the healing aspects of counseling.

  • License Number: 68-192
  • License Type: LMHC
  • License State: Vermont
  • Experience: 27 years
  • Languages: English