Lurline Aslanian
Lurline Aslanian
LCSW, Certified Psychoanalyst
Lurline Aslanian

Lurline Aslanian

LCSW, Certified Psychoanalyst

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About Me

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or depressed?
Would you like to be happier and more relaxed?
Let me help you to get a handle on your life so you
can begin to grasp what is stuck or out of balance
in your life and learn better coping strategies that are
aligned with your highest values.

I will work together with you to easily access the natural
intelligence of your heart to guide decision making, to
establish better boundaries, to increase your communication
skills, and to increase your joy in living. This is a practical
approach that assists you to discover positive possibilities
and perspectives.

Some of the things that I may help with include relationships,
career issues, fear of success, burnout, indecision, self-criticism, worry,
regrets, negative thinking, low self-esteem, grief, serious illness and spiritual crisis.

I also coach couples to strengthen improve communication. strengthen their connection, and have more fun.

My job as a psychotherapist is to create a safe, caring, non-judgmental space where
you can freely explore your feelings, beliefs, and experiences. You will
discover viewpoints which offer new possibilities for resolving problems
and tools for achieving your life goals.

With a breadth and depth of traditional education (clinical social work and psychoanalysis) and postgraduate study in meditation, yoga, and the mind/body/spirit connection, I am uniquely trained to assist anyone seeking psychological integration, self-empowerment and spiritual evolvement.

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Telephone (941) 366-0223.
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