Dr. David Congdon
Dr. David Congdon
Dr. David Congdon

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About Me

It is my hope to use my 40 years of experience to help individuals and families feel better by using their own strengths. One of my specialties is the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. My approach is extremely safe and non invasive. It is 98% successful for patients who remain in treatment for 6 months or more. It focuses on the trauma not being the fault of the patient, safety for the patient at every step, and taking back control of one's life that the trauma has taken away.

I also treat most other psychiatric problems, except for autism spectrum disorders. I see patients of all ages. In addition to solution focused work to treat trauma and other concerns, I am an accomplished family therapist and use mindfulness based cognitive therapy to promote progress.

I offer a very friendly, affirming treatment experience for the patient. I focus on the positive characteristics we all have and on working together to accomplish what the patient wants at the current point in time. At no time will I ask the patient to do anything that he or she does not want to do.

I am here for you, and have an orientation to be there with you in the difficulties you are experiencing. At the same time, I have a vision to the future where you will feel much better, based on your using the special strengths you have to accomplish the goals that are important to you.

My Location

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