Linda Berlingen
Linda Berlingen
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Linda Berlingen

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About Me

Sometimes we need a caring person, skilled at listening, who will act as a mirror, reflecting back our deepest knowing and personal truth. The act of entrusting another in this manner helps us to realign with our wisest self. We begin feeling more at ease and clearer about our intentions. Choices begin to reflect who we really want to be in the world. Suddenly, we are noticing and appreciating what is right and joyful in life more of the time.

I am an 'Existensialist' and a 'Rogerian' with a down-to-earth style. I believe that people are at greatest ease when they feel a sense of meaningfulness in their life experiences. My therapeutic style is to provide safety and unconditional positive regard to those whom with I am working.

I am specially trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Practical tools that will help you to recognize unhelpful thought patterns and keep you from repeating the same life circumstances over and over. The more we look at our contribution to our circumstances, the more they improve.

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