Layne Hood

Specialties: CBT, Emotional Management Techniques, Solution Focused Tx, Hypnotherapy
Credentials: LCSW
Languages: English
Experience: 33 years
Telephone: 541-390-5373
Address: 300 SE Reed Market Rd, 280, Bend, Oregon

Layne specializes in awakening resilience. His work fosters emotional agility, develops mental clarity, and optimizes personal power. Resilience is positive and constructive adaptation. Whether you feel out of balance, lost, broken, or looking to express yourself more fully, we can quickly activate growth in the direction you choose to help you feel better and deal well with what life presents. You can expect to access your strengths and activate your will to not simply survive but thrive and even flourish. You can expect to align with your positive energy and build more expansive patterns of thought, emotion, and action.

Layne offers over 30 years of experience working with a rich variety of people by providing psycho-social therapy and facilitating personal growth. He is proficient in cognitive behavioral techniques. He employs energy psychology strategies. He offers programs that build emotional fitness and optimize personal freedom. He integrates methods to foster the highest level of well being.

As an alternative to face-to-face sessions, Layne offers services by phone or video conferencing. Please note that third party payers may not cover these alternatives.