Jessica Adelman
Jessica Adelman
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Jessica Adelman

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About Me

I offer individualized mental health care, and provide a neutral, safe space for my clients. I call the people I see "clients" instead of "patients" because "patient" is derived from a medical model, which implies something is wrong or needs fixing. I wish to collaborate with you to overcome obstacles by focusing on your resilience and strengths (yes, we all have them!).

I am interested in helping my clients live their best lives possible, working with them to create a toolkit of coping skills based on their strengths. I believe our lives are shaped by our past experiences, but they don't define the person we are today. Let's clarify what is important to you in your life currently, and how we can work together to move you through what is making you feel emotionally or physically "stuck".
Even though we often deal with serious and upsetting matters during therapy sessions, I feel it's important to have some levity and laughter when appropriate. Humor is a wonderful, but often underrated, tool. I practice an eclectic mix of therapies to reduce stress and increase happiness and feelings of self-efficacy.

My Location

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