Jacob Widdekind
Jacob Widdekind
Jacob Widdekind

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About Me

My goal is to make you successful.

I will help you go through the day without having to worry constantly about that tight feeling in your chest.

I can help you fight your sadness and come out on top.

I can teach you to talk you your significant other and help them to hear you.

I can help you find the qualities you need to find the right person for you.

I know how predators think and work. I can help you get out from that and recover.

Come see me. I can help with the pain, sadness, trauma, and worries. Let me help you capture that joy and purpose that you deserve.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be validated.
I think our ability to connect with others while recognizing our personal value are vital to a good life.

I don’t believe you need to have a mental illness to seek counseling. Wanting a better life is reason enough to reach out.

I often joke that my favorite people to work with are those coming to see me for “the gooey stuff” with couples and singles, but it’s not all I understand.

I work with people that are stuck and suffering due to their anxiety. I get how much that hurts. I can help.

I love working with people who need some help with romantic and couples issues.
I work with people who are survivors of narcissistic abuse and Predatory Personalities.
I work with men and women looking to find their identity, purpose and meaning.
I work with singles who are trying to find long-term lasting love.
I work with people who are hurting from divorce.
I use evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy that has shown to help people maintain their new habits long after they have left therapy.

I’m very good at using patterns and statistical data to develop a custom plan tailored to your individual needs.

My Location

static image of 2421 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 1A, Hollywood, Florida
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