Jennifer Bloom

Specialties: Adults 18-65+ with sexual, physical, and emotional abuse childhoods impacting their present day life. I use Brainspotting as my module treatment which is a deeper way of processing those traumas and they get resolved depending on the speed of the brain.
Credentials:  LISW Ohio and LCSW Florida
Languages: English
Experience: 6 years
Telephone: (614) 662-0565
Address: 2401 W Bay Dr, 33770, USA Building 100 ste 117 Largo, Florida 33770

Your in your late 20’s or middle aged. You hear a mom screaming at her child for crying. You freeze up because that situation sounds familiar to you. Flashbacks erupt your mind of times where your parents made you feel small inside. You struggle to discuss your past with your significant other or friends. You feel like you’ll be a burden to them. You want to be heard and unlock your greatest potential inside. You want someone who is well-versed with the LGBTQ population and childhood abuse. Does your partner dismiss you and tell you your crazy often and that you need professional help? Do you use a shield around family members?
My role is to walk along side you in whatever journey your on without judging you, fixing you, or making you feel inadequate. I will give you support, gentle guidance when needed, and make you feel safe when you make mistakes. I welcome all sexualities, races, religions, and non-monogamous lifestyles.
I offer Brainspotting Therapy. Brainspotting will help you become self-reliant, competent when dealing with stress, and it will locate the pain you deal with on a daily basis. I offer appointments in the evenings and on weekends at beaches and parks. If you prefer to walk and talk, we can do aerobic sessions.