Jennifer Bloom

Specialties: Adults 18-65+ with sexual, physical, and emotional abuse childhoods impacting their present day life. I use Brainspotting as my module treatment which is a deeper way of processing those traumas and they get resolved depending on the speed of the brain.
Credentials: LISW Ohio and LCSW Florida
Languages: English
Experience: 6 years
Telephone: (614) 662-0565
Address: 2401 W Bay Dr, 33770, USA Building 100 ste 117 Largo, Florida 33770
Do you identify as LGBTQ or Heterosexual? Do you experience frequent memories and flash-backs of sexual, physical, and or emotional abuse? Do you often have nightmares? Do you feel anxious when confronted with the traumatic event? Do you have a loss of interest in pleasurable activities? Do you react when someone is upset with you? It can feel like you’ve been punched in the gut when flashbacks occur so unexpectedly. You know when you go to a dentist they scrape the unwanted plaque? I heal the brain by scraping the emotional trauma’s you’ve been holding onto for so long. I want to help you process the roots of your traumas.
My practice caters to adult survivors of sexual, emotional, and or physical abuse. I use Brainspotting as a trauma focused healing tool. Brainspotting process and resolves traumas by having the clients Brain lead the healing process. The brain processes the trauma at its own pace. .
What if the gloomy clouds taking over your life were gone? Imagine being fearless for a second. How does that feel for you? What if emotional triggers vanished from your body? What if life got better? Lets work together to heal the deeper parts of your brain and heal childhood traumas, so you don’t have to relive pain