Jason Bussey
Jason Bussey
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Jason Bussey

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About Me

Are you happy? Do you have questions that you just can’t seem to answer? Is there a feeling of disconnection or distraction? Do you feel like a spectator in your own life? These questions and many more face us all…. maybe more succinctly put …. Are you living your best life? As a counselor, coach, and mentor, my passion is helping you and your family answer that ultimate question with a resounding YES! In life we all struggle with our emotional health from time to time and through solution focused and cognitive behavioral counseling I work with you, my client, to resolve these concerns and promote growth.

The purpose of my life is to humbly serve my fellow human beings, to inspire and create positive change both mentally and physically in individuals as well as the entire world. I do this by constantly evolving and growing into the very best version of myself and in turn offering that to my clients, friends, family, my loving wife, and to myself.

I strive to be an endless stream of happiness and joy to all those around me and I celebrate the limitless potential of this gift of life. To tap into the love and sincerity that is within us all is my most important goal. Imagine what your world could look like if tomorrow morning you were able to wake up to a new you!

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