Janice Gingerich
Janice Gingerich
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Janice Gingerich

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About Me

Life can bring difficult, unexpected, and emotionally daunting challenges to our relationships and personal mental health. I commend you for valuing your own well-being and interpersonal growth by considering therapy. I hope to support and empower you as a professional, but first as a caring human being, in the unique journey that brings you here today!  Below are some ways I can help. - Janice  

Difficult circumstances require us to counterbalance in coping. Addressing overall daily lifestyle structure, sleep practices, stress management tools, emotional regulation, mindfulness, improving self-talk, and addressing replacement of harmful coping tactics with healthy ones are some of the ways I can assist you.

Many times the way we conceptualize a problem is part of the problem. Learning new insights about our emotional and social narratives can be very effective at helping us find where we are getting in our own way or perhaps how to position ourselves in more helpful ways in our relationships with others. Exploring your history and how you began to define self and relate to others in order to better function in the present is also something I can help you explore.

As human beings, we function best when we are connected to one another in secure relationships. However, this connection is sometimes difficult and frustrating to navigate. I can help you explore unhelpful patterns and roles in communication to better understand yourself and communicate more effectively with others.

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