Jane Leng

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About Me

I am a certified trauma therapist who offers affordable therapy to individual adults who suffer from the effects of Trauma including childhood Abuse, adult domestic violence, near death experience and the the impact of Covid 19 Pandemic.

I create a comfortable atmosphere where the impact of the trauma can be unpacked and healed through such tools as EMDR yoga based intuitive body movement. (I am a certified trained yoga instructor.)
Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy my clients gain understanding where the trauma has lodged itself into the nervous system and hijacking the attempts to feel safe in the body.

I have over a decade of hospice experience and can facilitate the grieving process by offering tools for honoring the loved one while developing resilience to find a sense meaning and purpose as my clients heal.

I earned my MSW in 2004. As a advanced placement graduate student at California State University, Sacramento. I wrote my masters thesis on “The Role of Culture on the Mental Health Treatment of Cambodian Americans.” I embrace and honor immigrants of all kinds. My clients will find compassionate respect for each unique life journey regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual identity, age or financial situation.

I offer a 20 minute consultation at no cost to all potential clients to ask any questions about the process and gain a sense of how therapy works with me.

Privacy is of utmost priority to me. Your records are kept separate from any permanent medical file. I do not bill for insurance and have a flat fee of $60 for 50 minute visit.

Feel free to reach out to me for any question and I will be happy to arrange some time just for you.

Jane Leng, LCSW
Journey of Self Discovery. LLC

My Location

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