Emily Anderson

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About Me

Your pain is real and your pain is valid. Are you tired of pretending that “everything is fine” when you are deeply hurting inside? Are you tried of wearing a mask and keeping parts of yourself hidden? Is your body trying to tell you about the pain it has experienced? In my office, all of you is welcome. You get to bring the confused, stuck, and unfiltered parts of you. It's a space where you can be vulnerable and authentic. Sometimes, the stories we have told ourselves are wrong. Maybe your childhood wasn’t as great as you told yourself it was. Maybe there were things you experienced that were really not okay. You are not alone.

Imagine how different life could be. A life where you don’t have to hide. A life where you can be honest with yourself about your pain and it doesn’t destroy you. People can heal when they feel truly seen and validated. You can live a life where you trust your intuition and have greater ease in your relationships. It's possible.

Therapy with me is unique to you. I offer a holistic approach to psychotherapy and healing, informed by neuroscience. My approach invites you to explore the relationship between your own mind and body. A consultation is absolutely free; schedule your call now! Better days await you and you have nothing to lose.

My Location

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