Dr. Scott Alpert

Specialties: Dual Diagnosis, Trauma, Loss, Loss of Purpose
Credentials: Psy.D, LMFT, CDP
Languages: English
Experience: 25 years
Telephone:  (425) 588-8438
Address: 12199 Village Center Pl #203, Mukilteo, WA 98275

Dr. Scott Alpert is a former crisis management specialist who worked at the first Mental Health Urgent Care Center in the United States where he treated over 7.000 people! As a former addict and mental health sufferer, he has used this experience to assist people with various ailments for over 25 years! A former comedian and musician, Dr Alpert finds a way to balance compassion, play, and targeted therapy into his work. 

Dr. Alpert has written two books which have sold around the world. He has appeared on national Radio, he lectures, is an avid blogger, and has been an advocate of alternative methods of treatment. Dr. Alpert has one mission – spreading the word of Spiritual Psychology. See more on his website https://basicsteps.life