Dr Devorah Rader-Palmer
Dr Devorah Rader-Palmer
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Dr Devorah Rader-Palmer

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About Me

Are you struggling with Fear, Anxiety and Stress due to the Coronavirus and have concerns to go into therapy? If you have time during your day you have time for quality solution based therapy to deal with the current situation. As an innovator, Dr. Rader's approach to counseling combines several philosophies and techniques to create a variety of strategies. Dr. Rader provides compassionate, customized treatment, which provides a route to results that is specifically tailored to an individual's needs - and is easier to work than other programs. Clients who resist typical therapy frequently find Dr. Rader's approach to be a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Unlike many psychologists, Dr. Rader provides custom treatment to solve challenges once and for all, and to create the life you desire. As a solution based therapist, she focuses on maintaining a strong foundation in personal growth. Expertise include anxiety, panic attacks, stress management, depression, relationship issues, addiction with food, internet, alcohol and drugs

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