Deanna Rogers
Deanna Rogers
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Deanna Rogers

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About Me

Are you clear about who you are and what you want in life? What your values are and what drives you? What defines you and what makes you happy? Do you like your job or where your career is going? How do you define your relationships and what are the most important parts of it? How do you deal with conflict? Or have you recently experienced big changes in your life? At Perspective Counseling the goal is to help people be more open and honest with themselves, broaden their perspective of their self and the world around them, to make peace with the past and to cultivate true values that will guide them toward a better future. My philosophy in therapy is all about the power of self-discovery, I believe the better you understand yourself, the better you become at managing life and all that it throws at you. In therapy you will be tasked with examining your own conscious and unconscious thoughts/feelings. Taking the time to dig deeper, so that you can discover your true self.

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