Colleen Reichmann
Colleen Reichmann
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Colleen Reichmann

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About Me

Hello there! My name is Dr. Colleen Reichmann. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Philadelphia, PA. I specialize in eating disorders and body image issues. I have also done a lot of work with folks struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-injury. I often work with high school and college-aged students (but love working with people across the age spectrum). I want you to know that my job is my passion. I LOVE this work-and you will be able to tell that in sessions with me. I am not a "smile and nod therapist"- Clients have described me as interactive, genuine, and energetic. It would be my honor to work with you!

Here’s the low-down on my training: I completed my predoctoral internship at the UMCPP Center for Eating Disorders. I then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Sheppard Pratt Center for Eating Disorders, and later with college students with eating disorders at William and Mary. I also have extensive training in testing and can provide IQ/ achievement testing.

I am a firm believer that: 1. Life in color is preferable to the bleak, grey life with an eating disorder (or other mental health issue). 2. That life is color is possible for anyone. My aim is to help you create the necessary changes while providing safety and connection in a collaborative relationship. You ready? Let’s do this.

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