Veronica Haggerty
Veronica Haggerty
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Veronica Haggerty

Veronica Haggerty


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About Me

I am an Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist. My goal is to help clients
become aware of and understand that relational difficulties need to be rooted
in change. It is never easy to change a behavior but it is absolutely possible.
I am a licensed registered nurse and educated professional counselor I will
help to identify strengths and opportunities in communicating with others,
that will bring more joy and pleasure to your life; helping you avoid the pain
and consequences of bad decisions or procrastination causing trauma,
separation, and unhappiness. As adults we learn how to do many things
but one thing many of us may never have learned was how to effectively
communicate and resolve differences within ourselves, and our
relationships that nurture, protect and strengthen us.

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