Chelsea (Chase) Tucker
Chelsea (Chase) Tucker
Chelsea (Chase) Tucker

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About Me

Hello! My name is Chelsea but I often go by Chase. As you can probably tell, I'm not your traditional therapist. I not only work with the queer and LGBTQ community, I am part of the queer community. Therefore I am able to offer a safe and comfortable environment without having to feel like you are educating your therapist about what it means to be queer.

I've been working in the mental health field and consulting with companies on diversity and inclusion since 2013. My journey started with an opportunity with AmeriCorps by looking and conservation crews, expanding their diversity and equipping their crew leaders with training in mental health. Following that year of service, I found myself working in a youth and adolescent mental health hospital. There I began to see the need in having a queer identified therapist for the queer community. Knowing your therapist identifies as queer or as part of the LGBTQPIA community helps eliminate that fear and hesitation of coming to therapy.

My approaches are varied, as I try to come with the approach that best fits your need. I do come from a person-centered approach, this allows me to get to know you as a person rather than just another client. I also use DBT and CBT as an approach and for those that are ready for a more "in your face approach" choice theory is also great.

While traditional talk therapy can be intimidating, I can always meet you outside of the office at a park to go for a work and learn how to become centered. Bailey and Ben are my co-therapists (therapy trained dogs) and can also come along to help take of the intimidation of the face to face conversation.

My Location

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