Stephanie Weeden
Stephanie Weeden
Stephanie Weeden

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About Me

I often hear people talk about bad counseling experiences, or not being able to find the "right" therapist. I too have had negative counseling experiences that made it difficult for me to want to try again. However, several years ago I experienced two deaths that turned my world upside-down. I was broken, worn down, and alone in the depths of my grief; I could barely see through the fog of depression and overwhelming anxiety. I wondered if life would ever feel bright again.

I was able to find support with a counselor that was a good fit, put hard work into it and eventually came out of the darkness. It wasn't easy, and it didn't happen overnight, but my time talking with someone was what helped me heal, grow, and find hope.

Since then I have come to see the power of our life stories. We each have stories - some parts we share, some parts we keep safe to ourselves - but it's in recognizing how the pieces of our lives shape us that we are finally able to create positive change for ourselves. It can be so easy to "let life happen to us" and so hard to recognize our own ability to make change. I want to help you find your inner strength and direction so that you can experience the power of your own life story.

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