Aaron Reider

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About Me

What would you do tomorrow if you woke up free from that little voice of doubt, anxiety, and self-loathing? As a therapist, I love to explore the answer to that question with you. It’s my belief that we all are deserving of living into our greatest selves, but that this voice and its irrational nature prevent us from doing so. In an effort to change its narrative, we work together to explore, challenge, and reframe the negative core beliefs at the root of your suffering. It is the dual process of building self-awareness through empathetic exploration of blind-spots and the development of a strong therapeutic connection.

My therapeutic environment is best described as a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential partnership. You’ll notice that I utilize flexible thinking about how people heal, often bringing in the latest empirically-based research or a specific mindfulness practice catered to your individual needs. The process is catered to empowering you and your uniqueness.

The one thing I would want you to know as a future client, if nothing else, is that I truly offer a space that is unconditionally accepting regardless of what you bring in to explore. We can go there together. To learn more about me feel free to visit my website or write me an e-mail (Don't be scared! I 'm happy to answer any of your questions).

My Location

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