The Bystander Effect in Emergency Situations

The term bystander effect has been described as the trap of inaction. It describes the phenomenon during which the presence of others discourages people from taking action in an emergency situation.  The greater the number of people present in a crisis, the less likely individuals are inclined to help someone in distress.  When there is […]

shadow psychology

What is “Shadow Psychology”?

Carl Jung was one of the most famous psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and founders of psychology as we know it today. He developed theories about why we think and feel the way we do and  had many philosophies that influenced the field of psychology; a major one involving the unconscious parts of human personality and why they […]

poor memory

What Is Aphantasia & Do You Have It?

Aphantasia describes a condition where a person is unable to recall images in their mind. If you were to be given a prompt like, “Think of a red apple sitting on a window sill,” most people can picture what that looks like in their mind. Even when prompted, someone with aphantasia is not able to […]

cry angry

Why Do I Cry When I Get Angry?

While people generally experience the same emotions, the way they express them can be rapidly different from person to person. Some may have more muted reactions to their emotions, while others may be very expressive. These differences are accounted for by many things, in particular the way a person’s genetic make-up connects their emotions and […]


What is Triangulation Psychology?

Triangulation is a tactic used to manipulate an interaction between two people who are not communicating directly with each other.  It is problematic because a third person becomes involved in a situation that should be between the two individuals involved in the conflict.  Triangulation is a strategy that emotionally unstable people can use to manipulate […]


Is Social Learning Theory Good News?

Social media and technology have transformed the landscape of this generation.  Children are growing up in the age of computers, cell phones, and social media.  Long gone are the days where kids played outside and ventured home only when the street lights came on.  Nowadays, children and teenagers spend a significant amount of their time […]


What Is Parsimony Psychology, Could It Be For Me?

WPsychology can feel abstract and intangible for some to understand. Brain functioning is complex and much of it still remains a mystery.  Scientists are committed to simplifying the study of psychology and human behavior to close this gap of understanding.  Psychologists have simplified their research design, theories, hypotheses, diagnoses, and interventions.  Scientists in varying disciplines […]


What Is the Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test?

The Gardner Multiple Intelligence Test (GMIT) was developed from a theory by psychologist Howard Gardner. Essentially, Gardner’s theory found that intelligence is made of multiple areas and can be measured in more than one way. Some people are naturally inclined to the sciences and others towards the arts. Some people are said to be “book […]

personlity trait

What Do the Big Five Personality Traits Say about You?

Most people are fascinated by personalities. There are many different personality assessments that focus from strengths to temperament to even communication patterns. While personality inventories do not encompass every aspect of every person, they do provide some insight into people. These types of assessments can create more awareness and understanding for each person. The Big […]

episodic memory

Episodic Memory & Its Unique Role in Our Lives

Creating memories is a huge part of the human experience. We take pictures, record videos, and write down experiences. Why? We want to remember. Memories tend to fade over time. Even details from important events like getting married or having a child can be forgotten over the course of time. Again, that is why we […]