Some Do’s and Don’ts of How to help a Hoarder

Hoarding is a behavior that mystifies some people, including hoarders themselves. It can be a problem all its own, or part of a larger psychological picture. In either case, it’s a malfunction of coping efforts. The range of hoarding efforts goes from mild to severe. You might learn of the severity of hoarding whenever you […]


Why Am I So Paranoid and What Can I Do To Make Myself Feel Better?

In horror movies and thrillers, the main characters are often seen running through dark woods or carefully navigating dimly lit corridors.  As they stealthily creep through the shadows, paranoia sets in and they vehemently look in all directions for signs of danger.  In nearly every film, the main character has good reason for their paranoia, […]

midlife crisis

What is a Midlife Crisis and Can I Resolve it?

Midlife crises happen to people who want to feel confident that they made satisfying choices in life. The fact that the uncertainty of feeling satisfied bothers the crisis-stricken person says much about their transition into being over 40. Midlife crises can strike at almost any adult age, though. A sense of facing end-of-life issues, regret […]

anger issues

What Can You Do When You Have Anger Issues

Life can be maddening.  The car breaks down while you are in the middle of nowhere, you get passed up for a big job promotion, you burn Thanksgiving dinner, or you arrive home to a leaking roof.  Anger is a healthy, universal emotion that arises from a broad array of triggers and causes.  Some people […]

empty feeling

I Feel Empty! When is a Lack of Meaning Something More Serious?

Sometimes, normal people feel a lack of motivation, a lack of meaning aka a sense of purpose, in life. It can happen as we come to terms with one or more unpleasant realities (e.g., a series of disappointments and failures). The sensation of emptiness tends to be temporary, not long-term, ending when we succeed in […]


What are Gestalt Therapy Techniques?

When providing therapy, there are various theories a professional can utilize to inform treatment. The theory of choice is dependent on the educational background of the therapist. It is similar to how certain cultures greet one another. In some cultures, it is a handshake whereas in other cultures, it is a kiss on the cheek. […]


What Is the Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

It is always important to understand the differences in what kind of mental health professional you feel you need. In the medical world, you might see your general practitioner, but if you have foot pain, you will want to see an orthopedic specialist. Like medical doctors, mental health professionals have specialties as well. There are […]


Social Isolation and Seeking Help

Human beings have an innate need to connect with others.  Psychological research has consistently demonstrated that there is a significant linkage between a person’s connection to others and to physical, psychological, and emotional health.  Emotional support and friendship act as important buffers to stress and have a direct impact on self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.  […]

get help

Don’t Give Up on Life, Get Help!

Life comes with an emotional bruising and many lessons that we only realize in retrospect. Sometimes you might feel like giving up on ever having a life that feels worth living. Welcome to the normal world. Most of humanity experiences those very thoughts some time or another, and repeatedly. It is possible to brace for […]


What’s the Problem with Superstitious Behavior?

If you observe the tenets of a religion such as Judaism or its unintentional offshoot Christianity, then you’re familiar with the differences between superstition and monotheism. GOD the Creator and Master of the universe is one thing, superstition quite another. When people confuse the two, trouble usually follows. Looking at a partial list of religions […]