Petrified of needles? You have Trypanophobia!

It is no secret that humans are not fond of needles.  Nobody likes their arm to be wrapped in a tight tourniquet, only to be poked and prodded until blood is drawn.  Unfortunately, needles are a necessary evil, as they are utilized for vaccinations and to assess a person’s general state of health.  Children are […]


Dentophobia: Why are You Scared of Dentists?

Most people likely do not enjoy going to the doctor or the dentist. At best, it is inconvenient and simply disrupts your day. At worst, it can be completely unsettling and even terrifying for some people. Even if you have a clean bill of health every time you go and you have never had a […]

fidget spinner

Do Fidget Spinners Help Decrease Mental Health Symptoms?

If you have school-age children, you’ve definitely seen them… Fidget Spinners. Fidget spinners are small, fan-like toys that can be spun on a person’s fingers. They are touted by some manufacturing companies as something that can alleviate symptoms of all sorts of mental health conditions, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder […]

generation x

Who are You Generation X?

Generation X includes individuals born around the early to mid 1960s to the early 1980s. These individuals were teenagers and young adults in the 1980s and 1990s. They are currently in their midlife. Every generation has its own strengths, unique background, and challenges. Here is what is interesting to know about Generation X: They were […]

semantic memory

Semantic Memory: What is it and Why is it Important?

Researchers have long studied the way human memory works to determine how memories are stored both short and long term and the functions and purpose of memory storage. When people think about memory, it is common for them to first think about how their own experiences in life get stored in their brains and how […]

deja vu

What Is Déjà Vu and Why Do We Feel It?

Perhaps as you are reading this, you are overcome with the odd feeling that you have read this article before.  It is strangely familiar, but for the life of you, you cannot quite put your finger on where or when you have read it in the past.  Then, your eye catches the date and you […]

proximity psychology

What Is Proximity Psychology?

The idea of proximity psychology is the tendency to develop close relationships with those who are geographically near us. Relationships take time to build. We are going to have better and easier opportunities to develop relationships with people we see on a regular basis. The more contact we have with someone, the easier it is […]